Seminar: Advances in Variable Digital Filter Theory: Structure, Design, Implementation, and Analysis

2012-08-24 22:54:54

Prof. H. K. Kwan
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4


This talk gives an overview of our research work on variable cutoff frequency digital filters and variable fractional delay digital filters, with a focus on recursive structures, optimal design, high-speed implementation, and structure-based analysis. Variable digital filters form core embedded systems to be employed in diverse fields of signal processing applications including multimedia systems, communications, biomedical systems, consumer electronics, automobile systems, industrial control systems, instrumentations, and others.
About the Speaker
Prof. H. K. Kwan received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Signal Processing) from Imperial College, London in 1981. His previous experiences include working as a design engineer in electronics and computer memory industry in Hong Kong; and serving as a faculty member in the Department of Electronic Engineering in The Hong Kong Polytechnic, and then in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in The University of Hong Kong; he subsequently joined the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada and holds the rank of Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering since 1989. The area of his research interests is variable digital filter theory and intelligent techniques for signal processing. He has served in a variety of capacities both inside and outside the University, and has been and remains active in the Digital Signal Processing Technical Committee and the Neural Systems and Applications Technical Committee of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. Prof. Kwan is a licensed Professional Engineer (Ontario) and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK).
Lecture Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM Dec. 03, 2008
Venue: C202, Shenzhen Gradute School of Peking University